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SGI Indigo2

One of my hobby was to experiment with the SGI/Indigo2 port of GNU/Linux. See my fiddling reports there.

Philips picture frame

A quick hack I did was for the philips picture frame. Have a look here.

VIA CLE266 in 1680x1050

I managed to have my VIA CLE266 video chipset to output 1680x1050. A tough one, explained here.

iPod shuffle, fysh

I received an iPod shuffle for my birthday. This gave me the idea to develop a small perl script to use it with Linux: fysh. Also have a look here for its genesis.

OMAP stuff

I have some OMAP3 boards, and I do some fiddling here.

Debian live

I spent some time on Debian live recently, to build a customized usb key. It all ended up by presentations at the local Linux association. See there.

Debian on the ASUS EeePC 1015B

What I went through to install Debian on my ASUS EeePC. See there.

Projects I contributed to

I contributed to some other projects. Here is the list.


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