The -vs patch

What is this "-vs" patch all about ?

The IP22 architecture lacked a Linux parport driver, and I wanted to use my parallel port printer with my Indigo2, so I tried (and am still trying) to write such a driver.

The -vs patch is the result.

This is all good, but does it work ?

In brief: yes ! There are limitations, but I'm working on it :)

Current status is:

I want to help develop this driver !

Fine, your time and knowledge are very welcome ! After all, this is what free software is all about.

If you want to help code the driver, have a look at the report of my experiments. This might prove usefull and save you some time. Also have a look at the few documents on linux-mips.org about the PI1 parallel port hardware, which was formerly included in the ioc controller, and has then been included in the hpc3 controller of the ip22.

If you cannot code, you can still help developping this driver ! Any usage report of the driver is valuable. Download the latest patch, try it with lp, plip... Then report your success (or not) !

Do not hesitate to drop me a mail.

Where do I get it ?

Patches are there.

How do I apply it ?

This is easy ! See there.
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