Patch the kernel, son!

So, what's the drill ?

It is not that complicated to patch the Linux kernel, and it is only slightly more complicated to patch the MIPS flavour of the Linux kernel. Here are the necessary steps.

First, download the kernel

...but not any kernel !

A "Linus main tree" kernel is fine for x86, but for MIPS, most of the bleeding-edge stuff happens in another tree, before inclusion into the main tree.

This is the linux-mips.org cvs repository, that you can find here.

So, my patches are made against that later kernel, rather than the "main tree". Also, I work on the 2.4 "branch" for convenience, so here is the proper checkout command:

    cvs -d :pserver:cvs@ftp.linux-mips.org:/home/cvs co -r linux_2_4 linux

Download the patch(es)

From there.

Apply the patch(es), then

My patches are pretty "standard" unified diff. Here is a way to apply them:
    patch -d linux -p1 < patch_file

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